The one label all the cool girls are clamouring for


Making its Australian Fashion Week debut, Albus Lumen has already garnered the kind of It-status it can take labels years to come by

That happens when you have one of Sydney's top stylists at the helm - Albus Lumen (the name is Latin for white light) is the brainchild of cutting edge Sydney stylist Marina Afonina, and her understated aesthetic is woven right into the fabric.

Said fabric is predominantly loose linens, slouchy jersey, earthy suede and cotton, lending Albus Lumen its effortless and unfussy air. With just enough polish and a beguiling rawness, the Albus Lumen girl is one who favours clean lines and doesn't bow to trends -it's no surprise that Afonina names Daria Werbowy and Anna Ewers as her muses. READ MORE