The '90s workouts worth revisiting now

90s opening image Clueless.jpg

Just like slip dresses and matte lipstick, these '90s fitness fADS ARE TRENDING AGAIN

Oh, the ‘90s. It’s a decade most of us thought we’d seen the back of – sure, ‘40s-style midi skirts and ‘70s suede fringing might make a comeback, but body glitter and bum bags? Not a chance. And yet, here we are: signing up for step class and wearing chokers again. And with good reason (at least as far as step is concerned… chokers, not so much): the below ‘90s workouts aren’t the one-hit wonders you might think. Unlike other fitness fads best left forgotten (Cardio Slide and Prancercise, we’re looking at you), these beauties are back because they actually work. Read on for the highly effective ‘90s exercises worthy of reintroducing to your routine – spandex and scrunchies, optional. READ MORE