REbel chic: Hollywood's most notorious bad boys and girls


Fashion has always been more INTERESTEd in the subversive

The misfits, the troublemakers, the black sheep - we may tut tut their behaviour, but we love an agent provocateur. Fashion and Hollywood together have fuelled our obsession - and it started decades before Bad Gal RiRi brought back midriffs. Even Coco Chanel was seduced by rebel chic - you could argue she introduced it to high fashion. Her controversial 1916 jersey suit for women paved the way for androgynous dressing and Yves Saint Laurent's last-word-in-sexy Le Smoking tuxedo suit blew the stockings off the prim and proper in the '60s. Fast forward to the noughties and Alexander McQueen's exposed bums on the runway set off one of the most enduring trends of the decade - riskily low-rise denim. READ MORE